Next Level Africa and the Coin Exchange (CEX) are 2 seperate companies.  Next Level Africa (NLA) is our business side and the Next Level Africa Coin (NLA coin) is the cryptocurrency

used for transactions. NLA coins are traded through the CEX.  



     1.   All purchases in NLA are made using NLA coins and all commissions are paid in NLA



     2.   The Next Level Africa e-commerce site will eventually have multiple vendors listed who

           will accept NLA coins as payment for product.  Next Level Africa is the FIRST of many

           more vendors to use the NLA coins on the e-commerce site. 


     3.   Next Level Africa has secured a large number of coins to use within NLA for

           $1.00 USD + 10% fee.  What this means for NLA members is that even when the value

           of the NLA coin increases, members will still be able to purchase package upgrades

           at $1 per coin. (+ 10% fee)


     4.   When NLA members receive commissions, they will be able to trade NLA coins on the

           exchange - which could mean a substantial profit depending on the value of the coin.  

           ie: If the coin is valued at $1000 USD on the CEX market - members could offer coins for

           sale (trade for DUC) at up to $1000 per coin, or even higher if the market will support it.  

           It is all based on supply and demand.  *see disclaimer


     5.   Next Level Africa also has a $1 buy back agreement with the CEX bank, so even if the

           coin value on the exchange ever dipped below $1, NLA members will be guaranteed a

           cash out of 1:1 - meaning we will never be paid out less than $1 USD per coin.  


     6.   Next Level Africa does not provide support for the CEX.  CEX has their own support. 


     7.   Next Level Africa does not sell bulk purchases of coins.  The only way to accumulate

           coins is through commissions in the NLA matrix.  Or by purchasing through the CEX at

           the best price listed. 


     8.   The ownership of NLA will be diligent in protecting the coins, their value and the future

           of NLA.  

           This means changes can happen as we grow - members will need to be flexible

           and understand that all changes to terms of NLA membership are done for the well being

           of NLA, it's members and the value of the Next Level Africa coin.


*DISCLAIMER All income statements are examples only. Next Level Africa does not guarantee income nor valuation of the NLA coin on the exchange market.



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