COIN EXCHANGE - (CEX)   Is the website where each member has an account to manage their cryptocurrency - move DUC to a bank account, exchange coins, etc 



             Each c-wallet may have multiple addresses attached to:

                     - NLA accounts of their own.
                     - NLA accounts for family members or friends.


             Each c-wallet owner will only have 1 CEX account in their own name regardless of

             how many personal NLA accounts/addresses they have.

             Each of the friends & family (managed accounts) can have their own CEX account in

             their own name if they wish. 


             The owner of the c-wallet will manage the transfers of coins to the individual CEX

             accounts of friends/family from the c-wallet.



            There are 2 options for managers of c-wallets:

             IE: -  Joe manages Mary's wallet address  -

             OPTION 1 -  Joe can manage 100% himself and send coins to Marys bank from

                                  her personal CEX account.


             OPTION 2 -  Joe can have Mary manage her own CEX account after Joe sends coins

                                  to her account from his c-wallet.


              It will really depend on Mary's skill level to manage her own CEX account.





Funding CEX is for investment purposes only at this time.

CEX funds can not be used to upgrade in NLA.


This page deals with funding CEX for investment.



If you have NOT already registered at CEX: 

         1.   Register at the Next Level Africa Crypto Coin exchange -
         2.   Upload your KYC (ID documents) by clicking ACCOUNT (upper right menu bar)

               then ACCOUNT VERIFICATION TAB.

         3.   Once verified, you can purchase Digital Unit Currency (DUC) via bank wire to

               the exchange.


Sending A Bank Wire Requires 2 Separate Steps: 


         1.   Send the actual funds through your bank in person OR through online banking, if

               your bank offers this service.

         2.   Register the transaction with the exchange.



TO COMPLETE THE FIRST STEP and send the funds through your bank or through online banking:


         1.   Click the BALANCES tab in the upper menu bar.


         2.   On the DUC line click the green PURCHASE button.

          -   The information needed for the international bank wire will pop up in a new window.  
   COPY and PASTE the banking details to a document, you will need it to process

              your bank wire (the lower half of the pop-up we will come back to later)  



TO COMPLETE THE SECOND STEP - Register your wired funds through CEX


        1.  Click the BALANCES tab in the upper menu bar.


        2.  On the DUC line click the green PURCHASE button.


             Enter YOUR bank information in the pop up window. This notifies the bank that your

             CEX account has funds on the way to them and they will know which CEX account 

             to deposit the DUC. 

        3.  Click DEPOSIT.


             NOTE - This step does not deposit the funds into CEX - it simply notifies the bank

                          for identification of your funds when they arrive.


                          This information is stored for future deposits so you only need to enter it

                          once, changing only the deposit amount.


IMPORTANT Apart from what your bank charges for the bank wire, there is an additional 10%

fee involved in this transaction to purchase DUC.  

This covers all coins fees and a 2% fee to exchange in Coinxchange (all transactions in Coinxchange have a 2% fee)


Be sure to wire at least $1.10 USD for EACH DUC you wish to purchase, to cover all fees.

This will cover any coin fees and transaction fees. 



          Once you have DUC in your exchange it is time to start trading for NLA coins.




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