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Everything you need to know about Smada World is contained in this site. There is a lot of information,

so use the index below to help you navigate through the tabs (above) and dropdown menus.



                      DEFINITIONS TAB:

                      NEXT LEVEL AFRICA TAB:

                           Enroll in NLA

                           Link c-wallet to NLA account

                           Purchase & upgrade
                           Compensation Plan

                           Transfer coins in NLA


                           Set up a project

                           Personal Profile

                           NLA Q&A



                                NLA COINS TAB:


                           Send NLC c-wallet to c-wallet

                           Send NLC c-wallet to CEX

                           Coin Q&A



                                CEX / C-WALLET TAB: 


                           Coin Exchange (CEX)

                           Download NLA c-wallet

                                    Backup NLA c-wallet

                                    Upgrade to a new wallet version

                                ECOMMERCE TAB:





                                YPEC TAB:





                               CONTACT US TAB:









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