Members can connect with us in 3 ways:
       1.    Support ticket for specific issues
       2.    Skype information rooms 
       3.    Closed facebook group
              Our support ticket email is
              Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for reply.
  2. SKYPE


             In NLA our primary and quickest means of team communication is skype.
             We have multiple skype chat rooms that are used by admin to post updates and timely
             information.  Plus it is a place for members to ask questions and get to know each other. 
             Each room has admin team members who post all the updates so no one ever misses
             anything important.  They are also there to answer questions and assist where they can. 
             To be added to a room, contact your inviter.


            You will be added to the skype Welcome Room, where you will need to identify yourself

   (just say hi) to let the moderators know you want to be added to a room for Next Level Africa.


  If you don't post anything in the welcome room,

             no one will know you are there! 





To join our closed Facebook group -





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